Does My Cat Have Fleas – Signs And Symptoms

Every cat owner has heard of cat fleas. These are small bloodsucking insects that parasite on cats, dogs and other animals that have fur. Fleas multiply very quickly and can cause serious health problems if you do not start treating your pet. Moreover, if there are too many fleas, they can start attacking even humans.

Does My Cat Have Fleas – Signs And Symptoms

Those people whose cats spend much time outdoors have many times seen fleas on cat. They probably even know how to spot fleas on cats and to begin fight with them. If you are new to the world of cats and their possible health problems, we will tell you how to notice the first signs of fleas on cats. It is very important, because the sooner you remove fleas the happier your cat will be. Besides, fleas can transmit various diseases.

Cat Fleas Symptoms

Very often a cat owner notices that his or her pet starts scratching frequently and nervously. This is the point where you usually ask yourself: “Does my cat have fleas?” In most cases it will turn out that your cat has fleas. Nevertheless, before you start any treatment you should make sure that these are the fleas, which bother your pet. You have to look for more cat fleas signs to be sure about your assumption.

Among the main signs a cat has fleas are:

  • Black and white “crumbles” in your cat’s fur. These are flea droppings and their eggs. The more you find, the more fleas live on your cat. In severe cases you will find these crumbles everywhere: on the floor, on your furniture, in the carpets, etc. It is obvious that you should clean your apartment every day to remove flea eggs to avoid reinfestation. Otherwise any treatment will be in vain;
  • Sometimes you can even find small bloody dots on your pet’s skin. These are flea bites. They are very dangerous as other secondary infections can get in there, causing skin inflammation;
  • A cat with fleas cannot sleep peacefully. It usually moves nervously and scratches or even bites into its skin. It happens because of fleas bites. Fleas need to suck blood to survive. When they prick your cat’s skin, it hurts and the animal wants to eliminate the itching. That is why your animal becomes alert and fidgety;
  • Excessive licking may be another symptom of fleas infestation. Sometimes this can lead to hair loss in those parts of cat’s body where the animal licks most often.

Can you see fleas on cats? A good question! If your pet has just caught a couple of fleas, you probably will not notice them, because these insects live on your pet’s skin deep in its fur and can move very quickly to avoid you. Moreover, if your cat has dark fur, there are fewer chances to spot a flea or see other signs that your cat has fleas. If there are many fleas, you are more likely to see them on your cat. However, it means that your cat is heavily infested with fleas and you should have started flea treatment much earlier. Therefore, as soon as you see any cat fleas symptoms, consult a vet for the further actions.

If you bathe your cat, you also can see fleas. These insects avoid water, so they move to dry places on your pet’s body or jump out of your cat’s fur and get into the water. Usually you can see them crawling on your cat’s face while you are bathing the animal, or drawning in the water.

Indoor Fleas

There is an opinion that a cat that lives indoors can never catch fleas or have symptoms of fleas on cats. If it somehow happens, the owners are very surprised. They ask: “Has my cat got fleas? How could that happen?”

Cat Fleas Symptoms

Indeed, where indoor cat fleas come from? The simplest way they get into your house or apartment is on your shoes, together with other dirt that gets stuck to your soles. The trick is that flea eggs do not stick to a host animal. They fall down literally everywhere where the infected animal goes. This is the part of the life cycle of fleas on cats. Some of the eggs you brought to your house turn to larvae and can get into your pet’s fur. That is why all of a sudden you can see that your house pet has all fleas on cats symptoms. In this regard it is very important to keep your cat away from your shoes and always keep the entrance door area clean.

Another way your cat can get fleas without leaving your home is when you have guests. If your guest has a dog or a cat infested with fleas, their eggs can stay on your guest’s clothes. When your cats rubs against such a person, it can get flea eggs or even flea larvae.

Very often fleas come to apartments from cellars where they live on mice or rats. In this case fleas are even more dangerous as they can carry various diseases. You can face these fleas even if you do not have pets. Than fleas from the cellar will bite you, because they need blood to survive.

To sum it up, be very attentive not to miss fleas on your cat and start flea treatment immediately after you realize that your pet has become a victim of these insects.