How To Check For Bed Bugs – Signs Of Bed Bugs

It is a rare thing to detect bed bugs in the apartment until they bite someone. The thing is that these insects are active only during night time. Almost always someone from the family members and even the whole family begin to suffer from constant biting. Firstly, people consider it to be mosquitos or an allergic reaction and do not think about checking for bed bugs. The question is how do you know you have bed bugs? In order to make sure that bed bugs are your sleep disturbers, you must find their signs in the dwelling.

How To Check For Bed Bugs - Signs Of Bed Bugs

How to check for bed bugs? This is not an easy task, but if you know where to look for the insects and how to distinguish them from other parasites, you can do it quite quickly. In fact, there are always signs that you have bed bugs in the apartment.

Despite their name, bed bugs do not live on beds but make their nests as close to the places where people sleep and stay (bedrooms and living rooms) as possible. Furthermore, the bugs prefer to live in groups, quite numerous ones. Thus, sometimes to spot these insects it is enough to remove bed sheets and covers and carefully inspect the furniture. However, it is possible to notice insects’ presence in the apartment even before checking for them. The signs of bed bugs turn helpful in such cases.

Signs of Bed Bugs Presence

  • Bed bug bites signs. When this parasite bites, it injects the special ferment into the wound. This liquid produces an analgesic effect and prevents blood from clotting. In a while, the skin near the bite starts to itch, becomes red, and swells. Moreover, the bites of these insects are typically located in the form of “chains” of 2-4 punctures. It is quite a specific sign that helps distinguishing these parasites from the others.
  • Bed bugs smell. A special gland of insects’ body exports the secretion that allows parasites to find each other and communicate in the nests. It smells like poor-quality cognac or fermented raspberries. The smell helps to identify where the bugs’ nests are.
  • Bed bug infestation signs. Solid small grains of dark brown color that look like tiny dots and smell like poor-quality cognac, and chitin after shedding are the other signs of bedbugs presence in the apartment.
  • Insects’ feeding. The signs of bed bugs on the mattress are also useful while checking for bed bugs. In fact, the special secretion injected by the insects prevents blood from clotting. Thus, droplets of blood are perfectly visible on the bed sheets, onthe light ones in particular.

Are There Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs body shape helps to identify this exact kind of household pests. The distinctive features of bed bugs are a wide flat belly of yellowish-brown or light-red (typical for fed parasites) color with 6 legs, and a small head with a proboscis. The parasites can vary greatly in size and color depending on the age and the degree of blood saturation. Typically, an insect is 3-4 mm long, but after feeding its body can reach the size of 9-10 mm, and its color can change from lateritious to dark brown.

Basing on the following features you can easily distinguish bed bugs from other parasites:

  1. bed bugs differ from cockroach larvae in coloring: bed bugs have a monochromatic one. The larvae of black cockroach are larger than bugs, and the larvae of red one have a light brown spot on cephalothorax;
  2. unlike adult cockroaches, bed bugs do not have wings;
  3. bed bugs differ from household ants in the density and width of the body, size (bed bugs are larger), and living activity (bed bugs are nocturnal insects).
  4. bed bugs are twice bigger in size than fleas and bed lice. Fleas and lice rarely reach the size of 2 mm. Moreover, bugs cannot jump.

Checking For Bed Bugs

You are already familiar with bed bugs signs and their distinctive features. Nevertheless, you should know where they can live as well. Humans are the main source of food for these parasites. Thus, you should start checking for bed bugs from the furniture in bedroom and living-room.

Checking For Bed Bugs

The parasites prefer to settle between the mattresses, in the corners of the bed frames, on large bed joints, and the biggest seams. Moreover, bed bugs also can live:

  • in wardrobes;
  • in bedside tables;
  • under the carpets on the floors and carpets on the walls;
  • in the parquet cracks;
  • behind floor moldings;
  • behind the paintings and furniture that is close to the walls;
  • on bookshelves;
  • in household appliances;
  • in radiators;
  • in flower pots.

It is not easy to get rid of these parasites; thus, it is important to know how to check for bed bugs as soon as you notice their presence in your apartment.