How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Fast

Cockroaches are very unpleasant neighbors in your home. They appear suddenly and immediately feel free to crawl into every corner. Though you can find them in the most unexpected places in your apartment, these insects prefer to settle in kitchens and bathrooms. They occupy these rooms because there they can easily get to water, which cockroaches need to survive.

How to get rid of cockroaches

It is hard to imagine somebody to be glad to have these insects in his or her house. But nobody can be sure that cockroaches will avoid his or her home. Since cockroaches are relatively frequent guests in towns and cities, you should know how to get rid of German cockroaches fast, because they threat your health by transmitting many serious diseases. It is quite difficult to get rid of cockroaches permanently, as they can easily come back once the conditions will be good for their survival.

However, history of human and cockroach coexistence is very long, so people have invented many ways to keep cockroaches away and have created many products that help against cockroach infestation. Every year new means against these insects appear on market. Let us consider some of the ways of getting rid of cockroaches.

Boric Acid Against Cockroaches

The best way to get rid of cockroaches naturally is to use boric acid powder. This method is safe for people and pets. Boric acid does not have any smell and is not toxic for humans or animals. You can easily get this powder at a pharmacy and you will be pleased by its price. To apply it against insects you need to buy 50-150 gram depending on the size of your house or apartment.

There are some natural ways of using boric acid against the unwelcomed dwellers. One of them is to scatter boric acid powder on the cockroaches’ trails to possible water sources. These insects can’t survive without water, so they will try to get to the water source contacting with the poison. It is enough that an insect touches the powder with its legs or other parts of its body to be sure that it will die. The good news for you is that if such a cockroach contacts with its fellows, they will also become affected and are likely to die.

Another way of how to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen or other rooms is to prepare so called bait. These insects are very curious so they will try it sooner or later. To make this poisonous bait you need to:

  • mix a raw egg yolk with boric acid powder so that the substance becomes plastic;
  • form small balls from this substance and let them dry;
  • then put these balls in the places where cockroaches are most likely to appear.
    • They will explore interesting, edible-smelling balls and will contact with the poison. But keep in mind that this method will take 3-4 weeks till the insects disappear completely.

      Other Remedies For Getting Rid Of Cockroaches

      Apart from home remedies against cockroaches there is a number of disinsectants you can buy in shops. They are very effective and can kill cockroaches within 3-7 days. Here are the most popular types of such products:

      • Poisonous gels. They are sold in large syringes and are ready for direct use. You need to leave small drops on plinths around the perimeter of the treated areas and the insects will disappear;
      • Traps for cockroaches are also very effective. They look like round boxes with several openings for cockroaches to enter. In the center of a trap there is poison which an insect touches and then infects its relatives. The traps are put in the places where the insects appear most often;
      • Adhesive traps are boxes that are sticky inside. A cockroach crawls into such a trap attracted by the smell and gets stuck in the glue. In this way you can remove all cockroaches in your house one by one;
      • Disinsectant sprays. They are not very effective as the insects adapt to them. Besides they are quite toxic for people and pets, so you have to use them very carefully.

      You also can call special services that remove insects. These companies will help you to get rid of any insects including cockroaches very quickly and for a long time.

      You should understand that there is no method that removes cockroaches from your apartment forever, because as soon as they somehow get into your house once again, they will start multiplying. So keep in mind the ways of fighting with these insects to kill them rapidly as soon as they show up in your home once again.