How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats

If you have a cat, then you eventually can face the problem of cat fleas. In this situation many people ask: “Can I get fleas from my cat?” Killing fleas on cats is rather time-consuming and a bit complicated, but every cat owner should know how to get rid of cat fleas.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats

It is important to know that fleas are very sensitive to smells and poisons. They die quickly under the influence of insecticides. However, they are extremely mobile and can escape in no time at all. You should take this fact into account when you treat fleas on cats.

Once you learn how to get rid of fleas on cats you will be able to conduct this procedure quickly and efficiently when it is needed.

Flea Infestation

Almost in all cases of getting rid of fleas on cats you should use special insecticides which kill fleas on cats or keep fleas off your pet due to their strong smell. In some cases, when there are few fleas on your cat, you can bathe the animal. Fleas do not tolerate water and tend to move to those parts of the animal’s body which remain dry. Usually it is your cat’s head; there you can catch fleas with your hands. This method is one of the natural ways to get fleas off a cat. This approach is effective only when the cat has just a few fleas, and they did not have time to multiply.

However, if you find small black dots (flea droppings) in your pet’s fur or white crumbs (flea eggs), this means that your pet suffers from fleas a lot. Sometimes you can even notice visible wounds from the flea bites with redness around them. All this indicates a serious infestation that requires prompt and complex cat fleas treatment.

How to kill fleas on cats? There are several ways to kill fleas on cats including natural ones. Let us dwell on them in more detail.

Special Flea Collars

Using collars is an easy way to get rid of fleas on cats. The best thing is that a collar is light and a pet gets used to it very quickly. A collar is impregnated with an insecticide that kills and repels fleas.

As a rule, collars work for 2-3 months. During this time the active substance works against fleas. A collar is the best way to get rid of fleas on cats that spend much time outdoors. Flea collars constantly protect your pet. Insecticidal collars are also effective against red fleas, ticks and lice.

There are some points you should take into account if you want to buy a collar for your cat:

  • There is a risk of skin irritation in the place where the collar contacts your pet’s skin. This happens seldom, but you should be careful when using a product for the first time;
  • Some cats find it difficult to get used to the collar. They may become anxious and restless.

Flea collars are considered the best treatment for fleas nowadays. That is why you can find many different models of collars on the market. Despite the popularity of collars, you must not use them to remove fleas from sick or convalescent animals. You can use them for nursing and pregnant cats only with the permission of a veterinarian.

Drops For Cat Fleas

Drops are also very easy to use. You have to apply several drops on your cat’s withers or along the spine. This will be enough to poison or repel the parasites.

All manufacturers try to make drops against fleas safe for animals, so treating your pet with them is a good idea. However, in rare cases, a cat can have allergic reactions or even much severe symptoms. Therefore, before you use the active agent, it is necessary to test a bit of it on your pet. Apply half of a drop onto a pad and touch your cat’s skin with it. Watch the animal and the condition of its skin at the site of application for a few hours. If everything is fine, you can use these drops further.

Sprays For Fleas

What kills fleas quickly? Sprays are the most effective but also the most toxic of all means. You can remove fleas easily and rather quickly with the help of a spray. Apply it to your pet’s fur and do not let your cat lick it off. During the procedure you should wear gloves and cotton-gauze bandage.

Sprays provide almost instant effect. Fleas immediately die without even a chance to jump off the cat. Besides, sprays also kill ticks. However, all sprays are strictly forbidden for pregnant, nursing, sick or convalescent cats and kittens.

Special Shampoos For Fleas On Cats

Most cats hate bathing. That is why special cat shampoos against fleas are not very popular. However, they have a number of advantages and in some cases a shampoo can be the only permitted remedy:

  • Shampoos are safe for a cat, because you rinse them off your pet, so your cat can’t lick it;
  • A shampoo acts together with water. As you remember fleas avoid water;
  • Shampoos against fleas almost never cause side effects.

It is recommended that you comb your pet after shampooing it. This will help to remove dead insects and flea eggs from its fur.

Special Shampoos For Fleas On Cats

If your cat likes being in the water, using a flea shampoo once a week can be a natural cure for your pet. Even if your cat walks on the street, bathing it once a week will ensure that fleas do not multiply on it.

Other Means Against Fleas

Apart from already mentioned remedies, you can also come across pills, injections or powders against fleas. These means are less popular. Pills and injections are usually used by veterinarians when there is no possibility to apply other remedies. Powders against fleas are not very effective as they easily crumble from the fur.

Special Cases Of Flea Infestation

It may happen that a pregnant cat catches fleas. It this case you can use only collars, shampoos and some drops. The first two means do not affect the development of kittens, while some drops can penetrate the skin and get into blood vessels. Therefore, you should consult a doctor, if your pregnant cat has fleas.

You should avoid penetration of any drug inside. Even if it is harmless for an adult animal, a medicine for fleas can affect the course of pregnancy and be the cause of miscarriage or fetal abnormality.

Anyway, the easiest way to get rid of the parasites in pregnant cats naturally is to use a collar. Use a shampoo only if bathing does not cause stress to your animal.

If the cat is nursing, it is a hard task to remove fleas, because all means can be dangerous for kittens. Consult a vet. He or she can advise you drops against fleas that do not penetrate too deep onto the skin.

The most secure way of removing fleas from nursing cats is to wait for 3-4 weeks when the cat starts leaving the youngsters for more than three hours. At this time you can wash your cat with a shampoo.

Do not forget to treat kittens against fleas. Perhaps the only means for fleas that you can use in kittens are shampoos. Buy a special shampoo that is permitted for the youngest cats.

Many cat lovers use home remedies for fleas on cats. For example, you can prepare a shampoo for fleas yourself. For this you need to buy a children shampoo and a medicine against fleas. Mix them and wash your pet.

Among other natural remedies is a tickweed. It repels fleas. You can use its decoction to spray your pet and the whole apartment or house. It is safe for both animals and humans.