How To Get Rid Of Lice Fast

Do not be surprised that the problem of lice appearance remains relevant in our time, even though most of people live in comfortable and tidy conditions. Even provided that you wash your hair regularly and keep your clothes clean, there is no guarantee that you will not face the issue of headlice. This article will tell you how to get rid of head lice at home and what preventive measures should be observed to keep these parasites away.

How To Get Rid Of Lice Fast

Lice are quite unpleasant and dangerous creatures, because they can transmit various diseases and their bites cause itching. No one is safe from being infected by these insects. Very often children become victims of lice when they go to schools, kindergartens or summer camps. Adults can catch lice from their children or in public places. That is why one should know how to get rid of lice fast.

There are three types of lice: head lice, body lice and pubic lice. The most common is a head louse. That is why we will discover natural ways to get rid of hair lice. You should understand that killing adult insects is not enough as in a week lice eggs will turn into new parasites. That is why getting rid of nits is the task number one.

What to do if these insects settled on your head? You need to start treatment immediately, because these parasites multiply very quickly. Usually you can tackle the problem without visiting a doctor.

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Lice

There are many effective and proven ways of getting rid of lice, but all of them include thorough treatment of your scalp with a special agent and further combing nits and dead lice out of hair.

There are several home remedies against lice. They include using vinegar, kerosene or tar soap, but we would strongly advise you to use special medicine for lice bought in a pharmacy. Most of them are available without prescription.

In case you still want to remove lice naturally, mix vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:1 and treat your head and hair with this solution. Put on a plastic cap for 10-15 minutes, then rinse your hair with warm water. Instead of vinegar, which has rather unpleasant smell and can adversely affect your scalp, you can use cranberry juice.

The most time-consuming procedure is combing the dead insects and nits out of your hair. Acid contained in cranberry juice and vinegar dissolves the upper shell of the eggs and the glue making combing fast and easy. For that you will need a special comb which you can buy at a pharmacy. The best way to get rid of lice is to repeat the entire procedure after 5 days. Don’t forget about lice eggs in hair, you should comb them out every day.

The easiest way to get rid of lice is to shave off your hair but such drastic measures are not always acceptable. However, this is the only one method that helps you to remove lice in one day.

Medicine Against Lice

Though “grandmother’s recipes” are quite effective and time-tested, our medicine develops permanently. So today you can buy a whole arsenal of means against lice at any drugstore.

Now the question “How long does it take to get rid of lice?” has a very promising answer. The fastest way to remove lice is using modern remedies. They can be in various forms: a solution, a gel, a shampoo, a cream, etc.

Whichever means you choose, read the instruction before applying the substance to your hair. Pay special attention to the comb with which you will remove nits and dead lice. It has to be with thick teeth. The best option is a metal comb. Nowadays there are special electrical combs available in drug-stores, which affect the insects with electricity. Such device is very helpful when you have lice. Besides, using an electrical comb saves you from the necessity of applying some medical of chemical substances to your scalp.

How To Protect Yourself From Lice

If you were able to get rid of lice successfully, then your primary concern will be to prevent reinfection. Perhaps everyone should know these simple rules that allow protecting you from parasites:

  • Be careful when performing hair processing. After you complete treatment it is necessary to immediately throw out or process with high temperatures all the items that you or your child contacted with. If one family member is infected, you should carefully examine the heads of the others;
  • If your child has lice, you should notify the school or kindergarten. It will enable other parents to treat lice timely and therefore exclude the possibility of reinfection;
  • Change pillowcases and bed sheets regularly. Boil them or wash at high temperature and then iron them. If you have several children, and one of them got lice, make him or her wear a cap. That would prevent others from infecting. Make sure you can to protect your family members from contact with an infected person;
  • Remember that early detection of parasites helps to kill lice faster. Carefully inspect your child’s head from time to time. Pay special attention if you notice that your child often scratches his head;
  • Make sure you and your children do not share personal items or wear somebody’s hats;
  • Follow the rules of personal hygiene and teach your children to do so.

Knowing all that, you can quickly decide how to get rid of lice and nits and effectively deal with the problem. Of course the issue is quite delicate, but do not hesitate or delay the start of treatment. The speed of your actions and the quality of treatment will certainly affect the results.