How To Kill Cockroaches – The Best Cockroach Killer

Once you notice these brownish insects in your apartment, you feel terrible disgust and you immediately start thinking of how to kill cockroaches in the house. There is hardly a person who is fond of such unpleasant tenants, unless he or she is a biologist working on a scientific project about cockroaches.

How To Kill Cockroaches – The Best Cockroach Killer

In general cockroaches are quite harmless creatures. They do not bite or harm people. Everything they need from you is food, water and shelter. All this they can find in your kitchen or bathroom. However, these insects can transmit various diseases, so it is better to eliminate them, especially if you have children, because for some reason small kids are not afraid of insects. On the contrary, they take cockroaches for moving toys and can play with them.

Best Way To Kill Cockroaches

There are quite a number of ways to remove cockroaches. Some of them can help you to kill cockroaches fast, but usually rapid methods of cockroach removal require using toxic means. If you have children or pets and you don’t have a chance to leave your apartment or house for several days after cockroach extermination, you should be very cautious with using chemicals. It is better to try to eradicate the insects naturally. The most popular and rather effective natural cockroach killer is boric acid. This is a white powder without any smell.

However, using boric acid against cockroaches will take you 3-4 weeks to exterminate them completely, because boric acid does not kill German cockroaches immediately. It affects them in a way that they have to suffer after the contact with boric acid powder and die several weeks later infecting other insects from their nest.

Though this method of killing cockroaches is time consuming, it is absolutely safe for you, your children and pets. So if you are able to tolerate these insects for one more month, then use boric acid as the best cockroach killer. Besides, it is cheap and can be found at any drug store. Depending on the area you want to treat, you will need 40-160 gram of boric acid powder.

Tips On How To Use Boric Acid Powder

You should understand that pure acid has a certain smell that cockroaches feel. That is why just scattering boric acid powder all over your house is not very effective. But still this way can bring its results if you put this powder close to water sources. Cockroaches cannot live without water, so they will be forced to contact with boric acid while approaching water.

Tips On How To Use Boric Acid Powder

As soon as one insect has touched the scattered powder, it can infect other insects and they are doomed to death within couples of weeks. However, if cockroaches are able to avoid contacting boric acid, they will do so. This means that you have to be smart enough to make them touch the acid powder.

The best way to kill cockroaches at home is to prepare yolk balls with boric acid powder. For this you need to mix boric acid powder with one raw egg yolk. The substance should be flexible enough for you to make small balls of 5-8 mm in diameter. Let them dry a bit and put the balls everywhere where you noticed cockroaches.

Yolk smell will disguise boric acid odor, so the insects will touch them without fear. By the way, cockroaches are very curious creatures, so they will immediately be interested in your bait without suspecting that it is poison for them.

Manufactured Anti-Cockroach Agents

Since the problem of cockroach infestation is rather common, there are many means against these insects to be found on the shelves of any supermarket. The most popular is a spray against insects. Very often such a spray is effective not only against cockroaches, but also against bed bugs, flees, flies and ticks. It will take 3-7 days till the insects disappear completely.

However, you should understand that this remedy is toxic and must be used very carefully. Make sure you hide all food and dishes you use, as you can get poisoned when swallowing this toxic substance. If you have pets, it is better to avoid using sprays against parasites, as they will get the insecticide on them and later definitely lick it from their fur and paws.

Another product is cockroach killer gel. It is much safer to use than a spray, as you will not inhale it and you pets are unlikely to touch it as well. Usually it is necessary to apply small drops of this gel on plinths or near water sources to stop cockroaches from invading your house.

There are also so called cockroach traps. They are boxes with holes for the insects to crawl inside. There the insects either stick to an adhesive substance (in sticky traps) or they contact with poison and infect others when they crawl out.

If you do not want to get rid of cockroaches on your own, you can call exterminator service. Professionals will do the job quickly and effectively.

But don’t expect that you can remove cockroaches forever. They can come to your flat from your neighbors. So be very attentive and start war against them as soon as you notice at least one insect in your apartment.