Tea Tree Oil For Lice

Tea tree oil has gained its popularity due to its multiple useful properties. Long ago people simply brewed tea from the tea tree branches and leaves, but later they started noticing wonderful healing properties of this plant. Later it appeared that cold pressed tea tree oil eliminates fungus, kills bacteria and viruses and has an antiseptic effect. At present time this oil is widely used in cosmetics and pharmaceutics. You can get it at every drugstore. There are many positive reviews about useful properties of tea tree oil, among which are repellent and anti-lice features.

Tea Tree Oil For Lice

Tea tree oil belongs to the best known home remedies against insects including lice. The latter are small human parasites that settle on host’s hair and scalp. They need human blood to live and prick human skin to suck it. Lice lay eggs that are known as nits. In ten days nits turn to larvae that start sucking human blood. Lice eggs are very difficult to remove from hair. That is why the usual treatment against lice includes using medicine killing adult insects along with mechanical removing nits from your hair with a comb.

Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Lice?

Unfortunately problem of lice is still relevant in present days. Therefore it is worth learning how to get rid of lice and which means you can use for removing nits from your hair. One of such disincectant is tea tree oil. This substance is a natural product and can be safely used against all kinds of parasite.

Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Lice?

Does tea tree oil kill lice completely? No, you should understand that the oil kills only the adult insects, but it does not damage nits. So you will have to comb them out of your hair for a few days in a row. Tea tree oil keeps new lice away from your scalp.

Very often lice settle on children’s heads, as it is easier for the insects to spread in kids’ groups, where children communicate closely. If you have children you should know the ways to remove the parasites with the help of tea tree oil for head lice as medical remedies can be dangerous for child’s health. You should start treatment immediately, because lice transmit serious diseases.

Preventive Measures

If you are a parent, it is better to prevent pediculosis than to treat it. If your child has not met this very unpleasant disease yet, it is necessary to conduct special preventive procedures aimed at the protection of your child from lice which he or she may get at school or kindergarten.

Regularly inspect your child’s scalp for lice, look if there are nits or lice in his or her hair. Pay particular attention to the occiput and temporal areas. As a preventive measure, comb your child’s hair with a comb dipped in water with a bit of tea tree oil twice a week. It would be good if you do the same procedure to your hair as well, because it is extremely easy to get lice if someone in your family is already infected with them.

The main symptom of pediculosis is finding lice eggs in your or your child’s hair. Nits are similar to dandruff, but they are glued to separate hairs and are very difficult to remove. Apart from head lice there are two more kinds of lice: body and pubic lice. Body lice bites provoke severe itching of your back, and pubic lice tend to settle in pubic area, also causing constant itching. If you wash yourself regularly there is less risk that you will have lice. But hygiene does not solve the problem of lice completely. Otherwise people would have already forgotten about these insects for good.

Tea Tree Oil as a Lice Treatment

There are quite a number of recipes that help to cope with pediculosis based on the use of tea tree oil. Here are some of them:

  1. Prepare a mixture of 50 g of ethanol and around 2 ml of tea tree oil by thoroughly mixing the components. Afterwards add 50 g of distilled water. Rub this solution into your scalp every evening. It is necessary that you use high quality oil;
  2. Another way to use the mentioned oil for treating head lice is to produce a special tea tree oil shampoo. It can be used to disinfect your clothes from body, pubic or head lice. Prepare a mixture of 15 ml of shampoo and one ml of the oil. Such tea tree oil shampoo can be used not only for washing your hair, but also for treating your clothes;
  3. Here’s another recipe that includes tea tree oil for lice. Mix twenty drops of this oil, 4 drops of cloves oil and 50 ml of mineral water. Daily rub the prepared composition into your scalp.